A Simple Thing Biden Can Do to Reset America

Some good discussion from Matt Stoller (I know at least a few people on the forum subscribe to him) on breaking up social media companies/the tech giants, and what the FTC could actually do, were it not a rubber stamping agency.

After a decade, I’m pretty sure we have enough evidence to say that social media echo chambers (which seem to be the most engaging/addictive, so how these systems operate) are pretty well toxic to humans.

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I don’t think I’ll finish this before bed, but so-far a very good read. Related (I think) is an an opinion I very much agree with and worth giving a read https://amp.economist.com/open-future/2019/06/06/regulating-big-tech-makes-them-stronger-so-they-need-competition-instead

I think my reaction is just to create my own (federated) space. He has way too many implicit assumptions to really break down, tbh.

Some of the core things the posits I don’t like - he definitely doesn’t care if his wants stifle speech. Merely speech he approves of.

Democracy as an end goal of itself, vs as representation of the willingness of the governed to accept said governance.