AMD will add in a Zen3 Linux patch to allow disabling for a _possible_ Spectre v4 vulnerability

Heh, so good on AMD, they’re proactively giving a warning and going to be pushing Linux code to make it easy to disable globally/per thread, a theoretical maybe Spectre v4 type side-channel attack that’s in Zen 3. Proactive. No known code that might exploit that, and they’re already letting people know. Not too shabby.


More details in the whitepaper:

I’m pretty sure I just no longer care… sigh

Separate untrusted workloads to physically separate machines.

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Apparently disabling that feature, according to Phoronix’s tests, produce very minimal to no performance loss, depending on specific test.

Good to know! And a major improvement over Intel’s “Oh please, please don’t say anything about that for a while until we figure something out…” process.

Here’s Anandtech’s writeup of the issue, and I think does a better job of describing it without going too far into the weeds.