Apple announces phone glued to your eyes

It’s happened, all the websites are on fire on it, bleh.

Anyway, found this as a more interesting take on it:

I will say that the stupid cable hanging down is both final proof that Jobs is actually dead and also evidence that California’s plan to become carbon neutral is to get 49% of their electricity from his rapidly rotating body.

Ah, yes. The Eyephone. eyePhone | Futurama Wiki | Fandom

I… guess I don’t get it anymore. I’ve played with VR headsets every now and then, and they’re neat, but meh? I guess if you’re trying to “cozify” offices to the point where you no longer have room for monitors, this would be useful. Everyone gets their virtual office, crammed shoulder to shoulder in the commercial office space.

Now, the 15" MacBook Air would have been very interesting to me a few years back. Turns out, I just don’t care anymore. And it doesn’t run Qubes.

The google glass strikes back? Remember how dumb everyone thought that was? I sure hope this gets the same treatment.