Assembling and Installing a Ural Sidecar Windshield

A Ural without a sidecar windshield is like… a Ural without a sidecar windshield!  Great for dogs, less-than-ideal for kids, and an awesome cargo hauler.  But, if you want something that’s still great for dogs, becomes great for kids (or wives, siblings, etc), and is only slightly less awesome as a cargo hauler, you really, really want a windshield.

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2017-04-02 by Unknown

This is a pretty good “how to”. About the only thing I feel needs adding is that the nyloc nuts are great, provided the bolt threads engage the nylon ring in the nut itself. As a general rule you should have 1 1/2-2 threads from the bolt exposed past the top of the nut. This will ensure two things; 1) The nylocs are properly and securely engaged and, 2) should there be any backing off of the nuts, they will not just pop off immediately but will take some time before doing so. Hopefully enough time for you to catch it before it happens. It’s also a very good idea to check the security of the windshield fasteners, as well as the whole bike, once a week so you can hopefully catch anything before it develops into a problem.
Great article,

2019-10-30 by Ambassador Kees

Shop pictures show the horizontal bar curving frontwards.
I’d say it would be safer.
Otherwise, a very good tutorial, thanks!

2019-10-30 by Ambassador Kees

Pictures in shops show the horizontal bar front. It would prevent users from using it as a handle, but I suppose it’s also safer in case of a crash.
Otherwise: This tutorial definitely helped me understanding what I’m buying. The sidecar itself is a 1974 project, that has been a flower garden “design feature” for 29 years. Complete rebuild including welding, all rubber parts, probably new bearings, new seat, new paint…
Will be married to a BMW R90/6 (with temporary seperation) and museum-approval will be applied, i.e. original 1975 motorcycle & sidecar conditions need to apply for all accessoiries, components, paints etc.

2020-05-15 by Ambassador Kees

What about the rain cover, can it be fitted with the windshield up?

2020-05-23 by Russell Graves

I don’t know! I’ve never tried, but I don’t think it would fit properly.