Avenger96 Board Discussion

As several of us have these boards now… discuss!

It occurs to me that I’m not at all sure I have a power supply for it. I’m not sure it shipped with one. I may have to get a bit creative.

//EDIT: Boards likely under conversation:

Avenger96: 2x A7, 1x M4, 1GB RAM

Tresor daughterboard: Various trusted computing bits and pieces.

Sensors and an LTE modem

It takes 12 volts (8-18 to be exact), but uses an oddball 4.8x1.7mm barrel connector. No supply included, I’m going to have to order a 5.5 to 4.8mm adapter from ebay or something. Hopefully it’s here by next Thursday at least.

There’s a setup video they sent in an email I haven’t watched yet, but I think there’s already some kind of image loaded on the emmc? It might not be the right one though.

I sorta understand what TPM does for verifying the integrity of a desktop PC. Can someone explain what the Tresor board is for in this case?

Wow, 4.8x1.7 is bizarre indeed. Are there power pins on the board to tap into? Worst case I’ll just solder my own jack onto the board. Still waiting on mine though… hasn’t even shipped yet.

Same thing, really. In this case, being a development board, it’s not strictly useful for production purposes (I suppose you could do something with it if you really tried), but it’s useful for prototyping stuff out. Typically, one would use a dev board like this to work out concepts, and then have a custom board spun for a product that had just what you need all on one board. So you’ll get daughterboards like the Tresor that just have “a bunch of stuff” - and same for the sensor board. It’s just a bunch of stuff, use what you want.

I still gotta find the right power supply around here, but I’ve got a proper 5.5mm barrel jack on here in time for tomorrow. Some solder blobbed onto the wires and some super glue to reinforce the jack a little bit. I turned the solder iron up to 400deg and cleaned off the lead-free solder from the original jack so the lead solder would take better.
IMG_20200914_103122 IMG_20200914_103154

I definitely did not get around to doing that. :confused:

I also didn’t exactly care to build a Yocto Linux Distribution.

Oh, you can just use the starter kit they include… it’s a pre-assembled image.