Battle of the Boards: Jetson Nano vs Raspberry Pi 4 (and overclocked)

Shortly after I got my Jetson Nano up and running, the Raspberry Pi 4 came out - and, on paper, it looks like it should actually thrash the Nano for just about everything except GPU tasks.  Does it?

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2019-11-26 by zeroair

I appreciate the non-trivial amount of work that went into this post. I don’t have any of these devices but thanks for all the testing.

2019-11-27 by Mr Routledge

Thank you for this. I use a Pi4 as a desktop and it (mostly) copes. Just enough grind to run Blender and do simple modelling, then Slic3r to print it.

2019-12-14 by Funk Master General

Great read! Thanks for taking the time to do all that and then posting it for the rest of us.

2020-01-16 by Alex

Excellent work. This was all very useful.

I know you recommend the Pi4 over the Nano as a desktop, but what about as a network server? The RPI series has become famous as a poor mans server.

If you have the time, some other interesting benchmarks might be:
* Power consumption - Overclocking the Pi4 for desktop is fine, but how much extra power does it consume?
* Network (LAN and WAN) speed - All ARMs suck at small block transfers to USB and SD, but the Pi4 and the Nano both have gigabit ethernet speeds. That might well make it faster to use a NAS.

2020-01-16 by Russell Graves

Really, I wouldn’t buy a Nano at this point. The Pi4 is just all around better. In terms of power consumption, it’s still quite small compared to other full featured systems, so I’m not sure a watt or two difference really matters.

2020-10-09 by rreddy78

Apparently its also possible to overclock the jetson nano to 2GHz.

Overclocking Jetson Nano's CPU and GPU - #31 by PieGuyX1000 - Jetson Nano - NVIDIA Developer Forums


GitHub - mrcmunir/jetson_nano_overclock: Kernel for nvidia jetson nano with some changes in dvfs for enable higher speed (CPU 2,0ghz+ and GPU 1,0ghz)

Would be an interesting comparison in that case.