Before Winter Comes

Greer, on the coming general energy shortages, which have gone from “Oh, yes, in theory, we could have those!” to “No, actually, Europe gets to find out what not enough energy at any cost really looks like.”

The Master Conserver course material is linked in there too - might be worth a download and archive. I know a few places I could stand to improve weatherstripping, and some nice heavy insulated curtains wouldn’t be a bad idea on a lot of our windows either.

One thing to keep an eye out for is making sure you’re not capturing moisture if you’re adding weathersealing. Older houses were built under the assumption that things could dry out.

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Very true - and that’s something I do tend to forget, being bone dry out here. Anything that gets wet will dry in very short order.

Faintly on topic here, it does appear that someone has blown up Nord Stream 1 and 2, underwater. Some seismologists are quite clear that what they saw in their graphs were explosions coming from the point where both lines have started leaking, very badly, from deep underwater, in under 24h…