Being sick sucks.

So if you’re wondering about Saturday’s missing post, that’s why.

I’ve been sick the past few days (and I basically hibernate when sick), and the kids have been varying degrees of sick as well - which isn’t fun either.

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2019-12-12 by dthompson4447

Hope you are feeling better. As to 64 bit, in most (all?) cases more registers are available,
the compiler will use them automatically. For aarch64 IIRR it is only 2 extra, for x86 maybe 4
So, if the job is cpu limited and the extra registers will make a difference…?
And, of course, with more than 4G mem, flat is easier than paged, this does not seem common

2019-12-12 by Russell Graves

ARMv8 doubles the registers vs ARMv7 - 32 vs 16. x86-64 similarly adds another 8 registers and a few nice addressing modes.