Building temporary stairs with cinderblocks

Life update: A few weeks back, I bought a house.  I’m not in Seattle anymore, and this blog may take a slight turn for the rural.

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2016-04-27 by Aaron

Yea, why didn’t you just build them out of lumber? You need some tools and saws and such, but a LOT lighter, and undoubtedly cheaper (less materials) and a whole bunch faster. Now, I’ll grant you, what you have will probably survive the apocalypse, but so much effort!

2016-04-27 by Russell Graves

I don’t mind effort for things. It’s a nice change from sitting in front of a desk for a while.

However, you’re right, and next week’s post will be about the last set I built, which was out of lumber, because I didn’t feel like stacking more cinderblocks.

2017-02-28 by Lewis Clark

Thanks for sharing this information…

2020-06-10 by C3champion

I want to make a patio with one layer of cinder blocks. I cannot find a post about doing this anywhere…do you know if I could follow your technique and just lay one layer of blocks? I imagine I would still need the sand bottom and frame to ensure level…please share your thoughts on this. I already have the cinder blocks. I inherited them from the previous owner. Thankfully the house already has stairs. I like yours with the spiral technique–very creative.