Building the "Ultimate Compost Bin"

I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I didn’t have a good compost bin for my property up until fairly recently.  I built a barrel composter some time ago, and… well, it doesn’t work for what we’re doing.  I can’t feed it bulk material, and it doesn’t do a good job with our kitchen waste either.

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2018-07-07 by Unknown

Awesome job. I did similar thing but with Pallets i got free at the local grocery. Just screwed some leftover fence boards to hold the pallets together. I think yours will last longer and smell better!

2018-07-07 by Russell Graves

We’ll see. Yours was definitely cheaper!

2019-04-20 by Chloe B.

Boiled linseed oil have lots of toxic stuff in it… I cut all my pieces, treated them and just figured that one out…

2019-04-21 by Russell Graves

It can, though doesn’t always - it appears to be mostly mixed with solvents so it dries sometime this year.

I’m not that worried about it. I have a metal mesh inside the wood doing most of the support, so there’s just not that much contact area. For the difference in cost vs cedar, I’ll take the risk that my compost picks up a tiny bit of something from the oil - it’s going to be so dilute that it doesn’t concern me.