Building Ural-compatible PVC Target Stands for about $25/ea

You know what you need?  Cheap target stands for range days!  You can build a pair of these stands for just over $50 in parts from your local Home Depot or Lowes.

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2017-06-21 by Unknown

My buddies and I go shooting to public lands a few times a year and the most compact target stand version is simply two steel U-posts from Home Depot, staked into the ground 18" apart (IPSC size). Then just screw in 1x2 furring strip boards thru the holes in the U-posts. The downside is they’re obviously hard to move around, but it’s usually not required. The upside is they’re super compact and wind resistant. To save time, we don’t change the cardboard backer, but staple in paper plates for targets (4, 6 or 8" diameter).

2017-06-21 by Russell Graves

Certainly cheap enough! I’m not sure I’d want to put rounds into steel fence U at close range, though.

2017-06-21 by Unknown

The fence posts are short 3’ ones and they are staked at least a ft deep, so there is quite a gap between the target bottom and the top of steel. You only have a chance to shoot the furring strips. We shot close range a lot too and didn’t hit the posts once. Here is the pic how they look in the wild: