Camera to watch birds in birdhouse

Hello all,
I’m interested in making a birdhouse with a camera in it for looking at the birds. These are available to purchase but I think I’d like to DIY. This is the style I’m most interested in:

I’ve worked with mini cameras before but not in a long time, and not with any IP cameras etc. I think COTS cameras intended for security use etc will not have the appropriate field of view and focal length for what I need. It’d be neat to be able to store and review video, but the initial minimum viable product could be live viewing only. Anyone have suggestions on a camera to put in the box?


Perhaps a dumb question, but what’s the camera they’re using in that prebuilt one, and can you find it? Seems to work well enough.

Tossing a cheap Pi camera in a weatherproof enclosure and see what happens, if they’ll focus close enough. I know one problem with stuff like this is the condensation - so I wouldn’t put anything too expensive in, at least initially.

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NOIR camera for a raspberry pi and one of the IR lights they come with would work at night too. They work terrible as a night camera at distance regardless of how much illumination you pour out front of it, but up close it a bird house it would work fine.

Pi Zero W would probably do it. Or maybe a Pi Zero w/ a USB wifi card and external antenna depending on how far away from your house/router the birdhouse is.

Pi Zeros? May as well put an 8k macro cam in there, might be cheaper!