Cameras and Lenses

An absolutely fascinating little hands on guide to how cameras and lenses work with regards to light, aperture, focus, etc!

That was an amazing writeup. Got all the basic physicals/light concepts down with some awesome interactive diagrams, and then brought them into very basic, general concepts of lens design/usage. Really very, VERY well done, especially the “play with the sliders and see for yourself” stuff.

If you want some other, less theoretical stuff, I recommend the LensRentals blog (Lens Rentals | Blog), it’s been a while since I’ve followed them, but they regularly have some very in-depth technical looks at repairs, image quality, cameras, etc.

Stuff like flange to sensor discussion in great detail Lens Rentals | Blog

Or tear down and explanation and thoughts when pulling apart a lens Lens Rentals | Blog

Very photo nerd geeky stuff.

Also, I think this one reigns supreme, regardless of what stuff you’re talking about Lens Rentals | Blog

Non-video teardowns! <3

Oh yes. LOTS of pictures and text, mixed appropriately. Dunno if the last few years they’ve been doing more video, but in my prior experience video was rare, and what there was was appropriately used.

Also lots of charts and graphs, when it makes sense, and text. Lots of nice, searchable text!