Can you fry an egg with a DeWalt 20V Max 6.0Ah Battery?

Last week, I reviewed a brand new DeWalt 20V Max 6.0Ah battery - but I did leave one important question unanswered - a question that is obviously on everyone’s mind.

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2017-04-30 by Ned Funnell

Nice! I thought you were perhaps going to use an inverter and induction cooktop, but this is more fun.

2017-04-30 by Russell Graves

I am nowhere near that classy. I certainly considered it (I’m sure it would have worked just fine, and probably even better than my resistor bank), but that’s not really my style.

2017-06-25 by Unknown

I don’t eat eggs, but wondered how much energy I needed to reheat a chilled bacon and cheese baguette when out on my e-bike. Turns out it is only about 10 Whr. I used the 66V from my bike battery into a cheap Ebay Dc/DC boost converter to get 90V and fed that into a pair of ridged ceramic heater elements (400W each when driven off 220V).

With a 750Whr battery pack, I can reheat quite a few baguettes and still have reasonable range.