Canned in Druidia

I was running some errands today and came across this display in my local pharmacy.

Available in:
Pink Grapefruit


And classic Natural

My first thought was “Cool! An accelerant!”

My second thought was “Wait, I’ve seen this before.”

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Oxygen is not weightless…

Lies, damned lies, and marketing!


YES. I was visibly upset at this blatant lie. Followed by an audible guffaw.

I. Ah. I can’t even.

And yes, that could be an amazing accelerant to help get the camp fire going.

And why would you want pure oxygen, well, 95% pure, to have other crap in it? You’re breathing it in, not tasting it. Pure oxygen doesn’t really have any taste AFAIK. Le sigh.

The air mattress inflater works pretty well too. Especially since mine is now a battery powered leaf blower. :smiley:

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I’ve used something like that but from a pilot shop. Does work decently well at altitude.

I’d like some highly compressed O2 with a decent regulator… but I don’t think this is that product.

Yeah I’ve seen the plain ones marketed in the pilot shops and I saw some at an outdoor store with their climbing gear once. but flavored oxygen? what?

I think I might be better off continuing to get O2 boosts from the welding gas bottle :wink:

It’s WEIGHTLESS so if you compress it, it FLOATS. Hindenburg btfo.