China's Surveillance Infrastructure/State

Just in case you hadn’t realized how much the Chinese government took 1984 as an instruction manual for government…

Quite the terrifying read about their data collection/AI/etc.

Unfortunately, they’re also likely to happily export this to anyone who is willing to pay. I have no particular thoughts on how to fight this sort of thing.


Force of arms.

Unfortunately, I think it’s likely to come to that at some point.

Our relationship with China seems as of late to be, “Well, yeah, you’re horrible, but you make cheap stuff, and that’s the greater good, so… keep doing that, and we’ll keep letting you.”

This is exactly why I roll my eyes when anybody in government does something to ‘get tough’ on china. Yeah yeah, you sanctioned some random CCP party members with American holdings, big deal.

Last year’s tariffs on steel sure didn’t help anybody I know. Domestic steel mills took it as an excuse to raise their prices too, so now manufactures just had their raw material costs increase no matter who they were buying from. Thanks guys…

When Apple is forced to build their iphones elsewhere, then I’ll think America is taking it seriously. When the US navy stops patrolling and protecting the trade lanes for the chinese container ships so they don’t have to, then I’ll believe they’re taking it seriously.

Until then it’s just so much hot air and sabre rattling.