Chinese BTY AA3000 NiMH batteries vs Energizer Recharge: A Review

In this photo, I have a Chinese BTY brand AA battery, AA3000 series.  It’s rated at 3000mAh (according to the websites selling it - it doesn’t actually list capacity anywhere on the cell), and costs about $0.50 retail.

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2015-09-30 by Unknown

Looks like these guys have been winning friends and influencing people on eBay as well:

2015-09-30 by Unknown

Oh wow!

Looks like some of these are relabeled alkalines! That’s super dangerous.

2017-10-11 by cecilia

It is not clear on your tests for Energizer – recharge or discharge?
What is the time (hours) for all tests?
I can see what you try to compare but your numbers aren’t scientific.
When testing at 0.5A, does 2079mAh mean 4.158H? The mAH should be 0.5 and the middle number should be hours, not mAh.

Anyway, it is good to know BTY battery is too cheap.

2017-10-11 by Russell Graves

All the tests were discharge tests. I report the initial voltage when loaded up to the test current (0.5A, 1.5A, 2.5A), the mAh extracted from the cell, and the mWh extracted. All of which are of interest - NiMH is a fairly high current chemistry, and you can see the Energizers held a much better voltage (especially at high current) than the BTY junk.

I didn’t put the time in because you can calculate it (as you do), and because I generally don’t use my batteries in constant load situations. A better review would certainly have discharge curves, but I didn’t have that equipment at the time.

2017-11-16 by Unknown

I did buy a heap of these VERY cheaply of ebay knowing full well they are crap. I use them exclusively in TV remote controls. So far they have lasted for at least a few months. About all they can be used for.

2017-11-16 by Unknown

Have you every tested the BTY 300mAh 9V? Surprised they don’t claim a higher capacity…

2017-11-20 by Russell Graves

Even then, a lot of remotes are a series group of cells. Since the capacity is so wildly inconsistent, you run a good chance of pushing the weaker cell down below where it should be cut off. Though, I suppose, that only damages the capacity and it’s not like you can call these cells “good” to start with. I run Eneloop Pros for my remotes - the lower self discharge helps a lot. Though, for that sort of use, normal alkaline batteries last years and years and have a silly-low self discharge.

2017-11-20 by Russell Graves

I haven’t. I didn’t know they made them. I don’t have a 9V charger, though, so I can’t easily test those.