Church Planting Tech: "Tourizing" XLR and DMX Cables

XLR cables.  DMX cables.  Silence.  Darkness.  Snaps.  Crackles.  Pops - and not the yummy Rice Crispies kind.  These are the kind you get on a Sunday morning (or Friday night) when something’s gone badly wrong with one of your XLR cables (or DMX cables), and the problem is almost always at one of the ends of the cable.

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2018-08-05 by Unknown

RTV can also be a good potting compound. No need for a gun.

2018-08-05 by Russell Graves

It would work, but the plastic cable grippers won’t be able to settle in fully with RTV. Hot glue being a liquid when hot is quite convenient.

Though RTV is certainly better than nothing!

2018-08-11 by Megabytephreak

One-part RTV is actually not a great idea. It is “condensation-cure”, and produces Acetic Acid while curing. This is why is smells like vinegar. If you use it directly on the solder joints, it will attack them over time.