Clank: Reviving an Ancient Netbook (and replacing an iPhone 6S rear lens)

I admit to an odd enjoyment of making old, slow hardware (or new, slow hardware) into something useful.  I’ve been making very good progress on the front of “Making usable desktops out of things people think are too slow.”  Raspberry Pi 3s, Jetson Nanos, ancient netbooks…

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2019-06-08 by dthompson4447

USB3, many ebay seller lie, maybe they don’t know, but this is inexcusable
(extension cables, useful to keep from wearing out the socket, USB3 is a bit fragile)
Using a flashlight, look inside the socket
USB2 has 4 contacts (type A, 5 for mini or micro, micro 3 is wide) , USB3 has 9, in 2 rows
This laptop is old enough that is almost certainly is USB2

2019-06-10 by Aaron

I bet that bit of foam is used to enhance the light sealing. Light could conceivably reflect from the inner edges into the camera itself and cause some unwanted stuff on the photos. If you say it hasn’t been a problem you’re probably fine then, but I could see them doing that.

Also, that netbook you fixed up? The battery was dead, so you replaced the battery? Maybe I missed you saying that.

2019-06-10 by Russell Graves

That makes sense. It hasn’t really been a problem so far.

Yes, I just ordered a new battery on eBay. I tried to get the old one apart but it’s a mess of glue and adhesive - I wasn’t going to have an intact case when I finished.

2020-03-06 by Tiobill

hello friend i found your amazing comment on the asus 1215 netbook with this extreme upgrade, i have a laptop like this and would like to do the same upgrade using windows7 64bits the question is can i watch netflix or youtube videos in HS 720p?

2020-03-09 by Russell Graves

If you’re on Windows 7, and have Optimus working, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, I really wouldn’t recommend running an out-of-support OS, and Windows 10 doesn’t support Optimus (or, rather, that I’ve figured out). So you’d almost certainly be better off with a newer laptop.