"Cree 2000 Lumen Bike Light" Disassembly and Testing

If you’ve gone shopping for bike lights, you’ve probably run into the Cree 2000 Lumen Bike Light.

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2016-10-11 by Unknown

Thanks for doing the disassembly, just had to take mine apart. The strain relief for the power cable is lacking and mine cut through after ten months of use. I shortened the cable and re-soldered it to the board. Probably should have chambered the edges of the cable hole while I had things apart but the thought didn’t occur to me until after I had soldered the wires back to the board so I spooged in a bunch of e-6000 adhesive instead.

2016-10-13 by Russell Graves

Not a problem. I’m glad you found it useful! This is one of my early posts that rarely get found.

2018-06-04 by Steve777

The cable on mine had split at both ends as well as the battery cable so I need to relace this to the CREE board however although I have removed the front reflector I am faced with the truned aluminium base part firmly secured in the outer casing. How on earth did you remove this as no amount of tugging on the CREE LED board will enable me to withdraw this part?

2018-06-04 by Russell Graves

It was just a press fit in mine.

2018-06-05 by Steve777

Hi Russell
I drilled a 3mm deep 2mm dia hole in the Al insert to allow me to try to extract and found that the insert was threaded. I simply unscrewed anti-cw to remove. I had taken a couple of photos but unable to post as no option on this page. Regards Steve