Custom Mid-drive Cargo Bike

My last two electric bike reviews were of the Rad Wagon (an electric long tail cargo bike), and the Rad Rover (an electric fatbike).  Both of those use rear hub motors.

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2016-04-03 by Alicia

Thank you also for this review! I’m considering a Hauladay or the Radwagon. The Radwagon’s price is hard to beat, but the Hauladay is smaller and fits on the bus racks. Also Bike Friday has been around for a while so they have an established reputation, so I’m a little hesitant to run with the new kid on the block. Anyway, thanks!

2016-08-16 by Unknown

While this bike may fit the bus racks, I thought those racks were limited to 55 lbs per bike. So it’s probably too heavy to put on one of those racks even it if fits. I think cargo bikes are also banned from Link light rails as well (at least the long ones are).

2016-08-16 by 劉煒

I don’t actually use transit with that bike, but the fact that it fits on those bus racks also means it fits on my platform style hitch bike rack.

Also, on trains and the like, you can stand it on it’s back to reduce the amount of space you use.

2016-10-30 by Anny

I take my Haul A Day on Link Light rail all the time. It’ fits neatly on the hook and no one has ever said a word about it not being allowed.