Deck Boxes and Deer Mice: Strengthening a Deck Box

One of my goals with this blog is to also cover things I’ve done that didn’t work.  It’s common in blogs to talk about a build, and leave it at “I expect this to work well!” - but it’s fairly rare to find someone saying, “Nope.  That was a terrible idea, and I’ve reworked it.”

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2018-07-01 by Ned Funnell

I’ve read plenty of Clancy, but somehow never Red Storm Rising. It’s been a year since my last Clancy, so I think I’m ready for another flood of unnecessary detail.

2018-07-05 by RonF

It looks like you have a BionX hub motor on one of those wheels. Now that BionX is kinda out of business have you thought about taking the motor apart and fixing it, assuming it is bad, and showing all of us BionX people how to keep our systems running. The old advice if you have problems with Bionx, “take your BionX equipped bike to a dealer and put the system on the computer” no longer works for us in the US.

2018-07-05 by Russell Graves

Actually, the deck box is substantially BionX kits in various stages of “not working” or “not fully working.” I have more in my shipping container.

I do plan on some reverse engineering and replacement component design, but the motors, in particular, are really hard to work on. You need many-ton hydraulic presses to put them together, and getting them apart is just about as difficult.

I don’t expect them, even with aftermarket hacking, to be particularly maintainable systems, though.