Ding Dong, the Book is Dead! (Facebook is down)


Someone screwed up their DNS and one can only hope it stays screwed up. :slight_smile:


Oh… oh man.

From a Reddit thread…

They didn’t leave backup access to the peering routers? I know some other companies still have (or had, and used) dial up modems for “The world has caught fire and we need to get in” access to their big gateway routers to datacenters…

(in case this gets removed)

Their access control system is tied to literally all the same server[s] that the actual websites run on? Why would… you know what nevermind. I’m not actually surprised.

Relevant reading:


Relevant explanation:

We’re gonna see more of this as companies continue to integrate “single pane of glass” interfaces to their networks - which allow for “singe pain in ass” failures unlike any we’ve seen before.

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