DJI Mavic Pro: The Missing Handbook: Active Track, Follow Me Mode, and Gesture Mode

Another week, another deep dive into some Mavic Pro operations!  This week is particularly exciting - I’m talking about Active Track, which is one of the big standout features of the DJI products.  It tracks things, and can automagically follow them around!  This set of modes allows for some really interesting action shots as the drone can fly like it’s tethered to a moving object.  Since they’re related, I also cover Follow Me (GPS-based Active Track), and Gesture Mode (waving at the drone in a manner that convinces it to take a photo).

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2017-07-30 by Mr. Giggles

Congrats on producing THE de facto operator guides for the Mavic Pro. Absolutely outstanding!

2017-08-21 by futurefile

Thank you. I read every word. I agree, it’s complex and really takes time to master all the various features.

2017-08-31 by Hitesh Patel

FINALLY!..someone who’s played with these mode enough to explain and show how they work.THANK YOU

2017-12-22 by Mark

This is the first segment I’ve read because I wanted to understand Active Track. Now I can’t wait to read the rest, Russell. Thank you. You have a great way of writing.

2017-12-24 by xxBenjamminxx

Thank you so much. As someone is about to buy a Mavic pro this guide helped me more on what this quad is capable of and not capable of than any other video or write up i have seen this far on my month of research about it. You sir are a true asset to the Mavic community and I thank you!

2017-12-31 by Unknown

Great explanations, Russel. There are a few things nobody seems to talk about and I am still trying to figure those out. When in any of the intelligent tracking flight modes, the camera switches from 4x3 to 16x9 in still photo mode. Also, it looks like at least the first photo taken in these modes uses Spot metering instead of Center-weighted average (AFC setting). I believe (not sure) after clicking on the screen once it switches to Center-weighted average. I am not sure how I can select one or the other metering mode on purpose in the AFC mode.

Further, all photos taken in intelligent flight modes are darker, softer and have a bluish tint compared to the same photo taken in regular GPS mode. I am using the Blue-Soft setting for all my photo captures, so it looks like those settings are exaggerated with photos taken in intelligent flight modes versus regular GPS mode. Any thoughts?

2018-01-02 by James Locke

Your blog is the most helpful guidance for the DJI Mavic Pro. Thank you very much!

2018-01-14 by Russell Graves

I have no idea on those issues, sorry.

2018-01-18 by ricoveras

Awesome work! The real manual.

2018-07-11 by Unknown

This is excellent information thanks. I think there needs to be a special section on the weed wacker - I have one of these things and they are great. Maybe a whole web site so we can blog…

2018-08-21 by Unknown

Active-Track, Spot-Light mode … The direction is inline with the object in the spot light.