DJI Mavic Pro: The Missing Handbook: Intelligent Flight Modes

Continuing my Missing Handbook series for the DJI Mavic Pro, this week I dig into a number of the “Intelligent Flight Modes” - Tripod, Cinematic, Sport, Terrain Follow, Home Lock, and Course Lock.

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2017-07-17 by NeMeSiS

Great write up. I’m definitely in the minority here but I’d avoid referring to which stick does what. You mention left stick for altitude but I fly mode 3 so it’s right for me. Once again I know no one else that does but figured I’d mention it. Keep up the great work.

2017-07-19 by Russell Graves

That’s a valid point. I do mention in the previous post that I assume people are using Mode 2 and that they should translate, but it would be simpler to just avoid mentioning the particular sticks and reference the desired movement instead. I’ll try to do that going forward.

2017-07-23 by dthompson4447

I’m wondering if the software will work with an iPad1, ie ios 5.1.1
So much (software) won’t, planned obsolescence

2017-07-23 by Russell Graves

No. It requires a Lightning connector.

2017-07-28 by Unknown

I’m having an issue with flight, it doesn’t stay stable in hover, the tail light flashed green 7x them red 2x, and it flipped out yesterday and did a Sideways flip amass accelerated wildly. Any thoughts?

2017-07-30 by Russell Graves

Pull the flight logs for analysis.

2017-08-22 by Philipp

Hi Russel,
first of all, this post finally answers my questions regarding flight modes. Thanks and congrats because it’s really the missing handbook!
I also want to share 2 comments regarding home lock and course lock modes.
If you want to shoot a video where you are in the middle but you want to have a 360 degree (or less) shoot of the landscape (and stay in the middle of the video), I would use this mode. Yes, you can also do it with the POI mode but A) this point can move (which you might not want) and B) the aircraft is automatically cycling around the point (which you might not want).
The course lock mode I can image useful when shooting a video on a (straight) moving object, e.g. train, car, motorbike etc. No matter how big the difference in speed is between the aircraft and the object, you can A) focus on the object and B) the parallel distance between the aircraft (the course) and the object (road / track) is constant. Yes you can also achieve that with active track / follow me mode. In my described case it would be a more free / manual shooting.
Hope I provided some more ideas.

2018-01-02 by AriT

Great and useful, thank you! In course lock mode you wrote “…moving the left stick up will always move you in that direction.” I suppose you ment the right stick as the left one controls the height in mode 2

2018-01-27 by u48u48

Here is an idea. it seems that home lock is able to do a “3d” course lock ?
so you fly aircraft to point a, set home there then fly down/up the mountain to point b and trigger home lock.
which then allows to pan with the camera while rising/sinking along this home course from b to a ?

2018-10-21 by Unknown

Hi Russell - thanks for your excellent articles on the Mavic Pro! I just purchased one last month and your blog is the best info I’ve found anywhere. So much so that I took the liberty of reformatting your blogs into a regular (PDF) type manual. Happy to send to you if you like. - Tony B