DJI Mavic Pro: The Missing Handbook: Waypoints

Continuing my series on Mavic Pro operations, this week involves a deep dive into the Waypoints feature of the DJI Go 4 app.  It’s quite powerful, but it also has some significant things it can’t do.  Once you understand the capabilities and limitations, though, the built in Waypoints feature is a wonderful tool for capturing some very interesting shots in the sky, because it allows you to focus on capturing the scene and not flying the drone.

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2018-01-02 by AriT

Great work aga9n! In GSP Pro I found it a bit frustrating to start the mission. Before the Fly icon gets active you have to select the mission AND hit the Edit… button. First time I was wondering a long time how to start the flight. This is strange while editing and flying are too separate tasks and shall not be combined. If I want to edit I hit the Edit button and if I want to fly I hit the Fly button. But this is not the way DJI engineers think…

2018-01-02 by AriT

Please explain also what is the correct sequence to power up equipment and app. I haven’t figured this out and I keep on finding me starting the controller and GSP to get the app to find my Mavic. If I 1) start controller 2) start Mavic 3) start app it stays disconnected for ever.

2018-04-05 by Unknown

The DJI GS Pro site lists the compatible controllers and systems, and Mavic Pro is not among those. Am I missing something, or did DJI remove Mavic from the list after this tutorial was posted?
Thanks for your hard work!

(“GS Pro is compatible with the following DJI aerial platforms and flight controllers:
Phantom 3 Standard/4K/Advanced/Professional, Phantom 4/Pro/Advanced, Inspire 1/Inspire 2
Matrice 100/600/600 Pro/200, A3, N3
Compatible cameras: Phantom 3 Standard/4K/Advanced/Professional, Phantom 4/Pro, and
Zenmuse X3, X5, X5R, X4S, X5S, Z3, Z30, and XT.”)

2020-08-02 by bjs_express

Once a favorite way point mission saved, can record video just be started at start of mission? Goal, is create same video clip monthly