Driving a 1927 Willys Knight

Oh, my, my, my.  It’s been one of those weeks again.  I’ve found myself traveling through yet another series of time vortexes, and have found myself quite in the future, in “2017.”  Which, obviously, is nonsense, as the world is clearly going to end in the year 2000, when the mechanical computing devices cannot understand the year change, as the number of gears and cogs required to store a 4 digit year “cost too much,” or so say the clueless carrot counters in charge of driving the engineers to cut every single non-essential component in our sophisticated computational machines.

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2017-10-01 by Mike Halcrow

I hear there’s an over-the-air firmware update on its way that should help with keeping modern fuels with value-add features in liquid form.

2017-10-01 by Russell Graves

Unlikely. I mean, it’s out of the one year update period, and it’s using some older technology by a company that’s out of business, so there’s that issue with the firmware support package, and… it’s hard, and there might be legal issues… and… well, anyway, I’m not holding my breath for the update. I mean, who even runs a wireless telegraph network anymore?