Everyone loses stuff all the time. So, hey, if you happen to find an F-35

Yeah. Just, you know, misplaced an F-35B after a pilot ejected. It’s a thing, everyone does it. So, if you happen to find it, somewhere in the South Carolina region, or anywhere else, maybe tweet about it.

Not the Bee is on top of it, though!

There’s a completely unreliable rumor from the usual Internet rumor mills that the plane may have gone down to “small arms fire”.

Of course, entirely unreliable.

South Carolina is pretty close to Georgia, and we know there’s been fighting there!

</Public School Geography Understanding>

Jokes abound about how if it gets found by some of the good 'ol boy rednecks from down south, that F35 has probably already been drug back to the barn and converted into the worlds most epic airboat.