Farewell to Bourgeois Kings

A cogent historical view of the events unfolding currently. I always appreciate journalists who can put modern affairs into historical contexts, and this is a masterful example.

dead white thinkers such as Sun Tzu or Machiavelli

White thinkers? I feel I’m missing something. I don’t immediately think of either as white, and it seems stories are told of their deeds not just their thoughts.

it is the meritocrats who now openly lack any merit or ability to rule, quickly undermining the ability of the average person to believe in the very foundational claims behind the managerial order.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t believe the gentocracy lacks any merit to rule (inasmuch as it benefits the country’s citizens). Still not sure the broader public agrees though. If there’s one thing I’ve learned post 2020, it’s that normalcy bias will carry far and away beyond anything I thought possible.

Read that again, you’ll notice he’s slyly criticizing the datamongers’ view of these characters, not stating that he thinks they are. I think you misunderstand the context of this phrase.

FYI: among certain components of the Woke, Asians are considered white. Your decision to characterize them otherwise doesn’t count, in their view.

“Multiracial whiteness” no longer returns zero Google results.