Finances, Technology, Repair, and "Enough"

This week’s post is an attempt to summarize various thoughts and conversations I’ve had over the past few years with a variety of people.  I enjoy talking about the details of life with people, and some themes have come up repeatedly over the years - with one concept being “Enough.”

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2020-02-07 by Sam

Thanks for the write up, Russ. You may want to give this book a read: My wife and I found it early in our marriage and it has been helpful to keep these principles in alignment with our financial goals.

2020-02-19 by Unknown

I really liked this article. It was well-thought out and well-written.

I’m still in the process of converting from an early adopter/ultra consumer to a late adopter. Made a lot of progress over the last year, but you have to be careful not to fall back into old habits. It’s made a massive difference in how much we’ve been able to save though, especially by finding and eliminating those monthly payments.

2020-02-19 by Russell Graves

Thanks! Definitely not my usual flavor of writing.

It’s insane how quickly monthly payments can add up to just consume everything.

In relevant news for late adopters, though, it looks like the iPhone 6S might get another year of OS support - which would mean 6 years of support! That’s crazy for a phone, and definitely a good trend.

2020-10-02 by Scott

Thanks for this article. I found your blog looking up info on tearing down a certain “20v” battery pack, but am happy to find someone with so many common values. Looking forward to reading more.

2020-10-02 by Russell Graves

Well, you’re going to be disappointed. My next post is ending my blog for the indefinite future, because the new Blogger interface is literally unusable for me. I can’t use most of my (older, maintained/refurbished) hardware to write posts, because for reasons I don’t understand, the image count on a post causes massive CPU burn and lag. My normal posts, with a few dozen images, I literally cannot edit on my usual hardware, and have to burn most of a high end modern CPU to type at my normal rate without lag - and even then, enough images lags it out to the unusable point.

Sorry. I’m not going to fight the tools this badly.