G600 "600x" Digital Microscope Teardown & Review

What has the internet come to when really interesting, cheap gizmos aren’t being properly torn apart in reviews?  Are people afraid to take a screwdriver to a $40 piece of hardware and find out what’s inside (spoiler: mystery meat)?  Do we just accept things like “1-600x” microscopes without calling MBE (Male Bovine Excrement)?  We do not!  No longer!

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2019-08-10 by meanX

After seing this post, i looked into the battery charging issue and added a TP5100/TP4056 charging circuit to my G600.
In case it helps, I’ve somehow documented it : G600 Microscope Battery charging mod

2019-08-11 by meanX

additionally, the usb mode works also on linux with "cheese"and “webcamoid”, 640x480 though

2019-08-11 by Russell Graves

Nice! I didn’t consider a piggyback charger - that solves the problem cleverly!

2019-09-25 by pandorr

Help. The microscope hangs on the screen saver. Nothing but the reset does not respond.

2020-01-20 by andreiciocanvlad

any chance to get a analog video out form this ?

2020-05-08 by Edoardo

Hi, please, I have to replace the display (same microscope) What is the part number? Does anyone know what type of LCD I should order

2020-05-12 by The Top Guitarist

Not a T25560 but T25S80

2020-09-14 by Matt

The board looks suspiciiously like a re-purposed video intercom design. Hence Microphone and speaker.
This is very good for identifying TO-92 and SOIC8 packages, as well as other finely silkscreened text.

2020-10-10 by Danzz

To connect to the microscope on windows 10 i used the pc software called smart camera used by the G710 microscope , it works on the 640x480 resolution , you can find the software on the banggood page for the Mustool g710 microscope

2020-10-22 by Leo

Welcome. Please tell me if the software that is on the banggood website for the G710 should be installed on the G600 microscope or on a desktop computer for 10 wines. I am asking because I have little experience in this and I would not want to spoil something. The microscope got to me today. If you need to install the G600 in the microscope, please tell me how to do it

2020-11-03 by Danzz

You install it on a computer, and then connect to the microscope to see the image on the computer display

2020-12-11 by SXK

Has anyone happened to have a Dump of the Flashrom?

Sorry for Bad English (translator)

I have many issues with the G600 microscope. It doesn’t have 1080p, even though the manual says it does. The max picture pixels is 3 megapixels and should have 5. “Sys reset” doesn’t work, so I have to use the Reset button via a paperclip. “Format” function: No reaction. No indication of system version. I have a MicroSD card formatted as ExFat and has a little less than 64 gb capacity. But the microsd icon on the screen shows a red circle with a line through it, telling me that nothing is recognized. The card works on my Mac (Catalina) and my Windows 10 laptop. Is this the correct memorycard with the correct format? Or does this mean that the G600 is DOA??

I would not expect it to support exfat. Try FAT16 or FAT32 filesystems.

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Hi Syonyk,
I reformatted as FAT32 and nothing happened when I inserted the MicroSD. No reaction, what so ever. The MicroSD icon on the screen has never changed and still has the red mark. I think the MicroSD slot is damaged. So I have returned (RMA) the microscope to the Danish online-store and want my money back!