Hi again! Here I am :)

So hi again! Here I am back. On hiatus.

Oh, and this last years Burning Man? Yes, people panicked and lost their damn minds. No it was never all that dire, just something extremely unexpected. But the community shared around a bit, and those that stayed until Monday when the Playa was dry enough to safely drive on were just fine.

Oh, and I also discovered that that WS2815 12v individually cutable/addressable pixels have a 2mA quiescent (no LEDs on) state, and the standard WS2812b/etc ones are only 1mA quiescent state. So…yeah, if you’re going to run things like this on battery power, check the quiescent power consumption if it’s something that’s still powered on, even if no light is being emitted.

What’s the otherwise useful difference between the 2815 and the 2812s?

12v vs 5v. So you can run longer strings since they’re 12v, so lower % dropoff over longer distances. And also not cut every 3, vs previous 12v versions. This one you can cut every 1 pixel.