Home audio/streaming

So I’m looking for some thoughts on how to so up multiple endpoints (currently RPis with stereo amp hats to passive speakers) system to have the following functionality:

  • A ‘channel’ can be output to 1 or more endpoints
  • A channel can be local audio files, Pandora, SoundCloud, phone/tablet cast, etc
  • But in the case of streaming services, the server plays performs the streaming, just controlled by a phone/browser/whatever

I’m aware of Volumio, haven’t played with it yet. Anything else out there I should look into?

It’s not what you’re looking for but I have apple TV connected to my onkyo along with a few HomePods. The iPhones can send audio to any combination of apple TVs and homepods - which is nice as the onkyo has audio in the living room and bathroom on channel b (I actually use a cheap car line level to RCA adapter to feed the output of channel A back into an input for channel B as for whatever reason the Onkyo can’t output on both channels from HDMI).

At some point I’ll get my whole home stereo setup and stick an Apple TV on it also. It’s the mono price one: Monoprice 6 Zone Home Audio Multizone Controller and Amplifier Kit, NO LOGO - Monoprice.com

Don’t underestimate doing things analog, it’s often simpler than digital. A low-power FM transmitter also has a place in some setups, too.

Well…but I don’t necessarily want my phone to be the one sending my audio. That’s the current setup, RPis with amp hats using shairport-sync and stream from my phone current. I’m talking the server being the one to send to the audio stream, in the normal case. That way I’m not burning my phone’s battery up.

I see your point about the low power FM transmitter…but I don’t necessarily want to have the same audio on the different outputs. And I can’t run wiring, or rather, it’s an apartment, so no running through the walls, and kinda I don’t want the visible wires running everywhere.