Home Solar 2020 Part 5: The House A-Frames

With lessons learned from my office panel A-frames, I set out to build the home solar A-frames - but with more process improvements to make things better!

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2020-08-31 by Sam

Nice work indeed. At some point you may decide it is more time/cost efficient to build it all out and then buy a paint sprayer to finish everything in place. Using airless spray rigs gets coverage into corners and creases brushes/rollers just can’t reach. Putting two coats on will certainly help. As the wood dries it will likely warp, you may consider running some 1x stock along the tops of the A’s to keep them from twisting. Alternately, you could likely rely on the IronRidge racking to do so. When homes are framed they rely on the sheathing for shear strength, but it looks like you won’t have that advantage. Looking good, keep up the good work (and keep the kiddo’s engaged too).

2020-08-31 by Russell Graves

I’ll be using Iron Ridge rails to support panels, so that will provide some added strength.