Hosted email, any recommendations?

With Google/Gmail being the monster that it has become, I’m feeling like I might want to have a non-spam filled personal/primary email address via one of my domains. However, I don’t know that I want to give money to the big G to host my email. Anyone have any recommendations for a hosting provider for email?

Solid Spam detection and such is very much desired, along with IMAP over SSL/TLS, and SMTP over SSL/TLS, and a decent webmail interface. Don’t want to pay $$$$, but it’s just for one address, or maybe a handful at most, and would prefer a yearly/multi-year option/discount.

I’ve been and happy with, I host it on a $5/month linode VPS (Nanode 1 GB). Works great. Using Thunderbird for a client, but I think there’s a web-ui option as well.

I think is fairly reputable as well if you’re not interested in self-hosting.

I’m 9 months into my first year with Protonmail’s $48/yr plan for 1 domain name (up to 5 aliases IIRC). I’m quite happy with it. Spam hasn’t been an issue at all.

There is an IMAP bridge now but I just got used to using the browser interface on PC, protonmail app on android.

It included ProtonDrive. The browser interface is fine but I don’t think I’ll get much use out of it until they hurry up and get that integrated with the mobile app.