If you're gonna pwn, pwn hard

Oh man.

Dying laughing over here.

So, Signal is that comms tool created by Moxie Marlinspike, who has… shall we say, a unique sense of humor and a sporting sense of style.

Cellebrite is one of those “Phone Forensics Extractor Tools” used by police everywhere to find evidence of whatever on various phones.

The two met, and it was quite hysterical.

Summary: You can place a file on a phone that runs arbitrary code on the Cellebrite analysis workstation.

A couple choice quotes…

I enjoyed the read. And might just keep Signal around!

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Certainly seems like Signal scored a win there.

Too bad the Cellebrite IPO isn’t done yet. It would have been interesting to see if this has a visible effect on their valuation…

This makes up for signal doing stupid stuff with a coin imo.