Just another PHEV

Well, here we go. Best PHEV (and arguably as good as any EV) on the market today, from my perspective. And it’s in my driveway.

Had some limited time with it - it arrived off the transport dirty and uncharged and with an empty fuel tank, and the sales dude got me in there ASAP to pick it up. (Picked up with his F150 even, heh). I got lucky - was about 2 months from deposit to arrival since the dealership was switching from ‘we’ll put it on the lot when it shows up’ to ‘we’ll let you put down deposits’. Had it in charge mode most of the way home. Did one stoplight launch and it’s QUICK in hybrid mode - total system output is over 300hp. Touch of wheel spin.

Took about 10 hours to get to full charge (on 120v, right now it’s plugged into my Christmas light circuit) and I did the few short errands I had in EV mode. It’s okay but not mindblowing as a pure EV.

The spec numbers say 94 MPGe, 42 mile range, 38mpg as a hybrid. The forums say you can get it a little bit higher than that. We’ll see, eh?

On the Volt, full performance is available with the EV modes only.

Does yours require lighting up the engine for maximum performance? I’ve been pretty hesitant to consider any of the powertrains that ask a cold engine for maximum power right on startup, because that’s just pure engine abuse.

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Yeah to get all 300 hp, ya gotta get it in HV mode. That said, in EV mode it has 233 hp … so it’s not exactly slow in that mode either. Engine won’t fire up if you floor it if you’ve selected EV, and in HV it’ll run it enough to get it warm and lubed.

Do you have any efficiency #s yet?

@75mph, about 35 MPG (by eye) and 2.5mi/kWh. In town about 3.5-4 with gentle driving.

Still haven’t used but a quarter tank of fuel so far.

Haven’t added any more gas miles yet. Pretty steady 2-3 mi/kwh depending on how much of a lead foot I have.

Now I’m ready to go do some hotel destination charger ICEing… :smiley:

What is that? 120V goes in the left side? Weird looking EVSE for sure…

Make sure you get a 12AWG extension cord for creative charging. I’ve tried some 14s, and they all get a lot hotter than I’m at all comfortable with (safe, just… really a good bit warm).

Adapter from Tesla non-supercharging plug to J1772. Lots of hotels have dedicated tesla plugs… :smiley:

I’ve been meaning to get one of those adapters for my leaf. I haven’t looked for the best place to buy one yet. Where did you buy yours? Have you had a chance to try it yet?

Nice prime btw.

Haven’t tried it yet. Amazon. You’ll want a Tesla <> chademo adapter on the leaf, though.