My Daily Driver Bike One Year Review: Boring and Reliable

This is my commuter ebike.  I’ve had it for over a year now.

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2015-11-14 by Joseph

Very good!

2015-11-15 by Leonard F.

Very nice! Reminds me of my build. I think I’m going to look for fenders like yours.

2015-11-15 by Russell Graves

Nice build! Your rear rack looks strong enough to hold everything, which is a problem I’ve had with weaker rear racks.

I gather your pedals don’t get used very often, though. :wink:

2015-11-16 by David

Glad it’s working out for you! I’m probably a year or more from doing an ebike build but I’m definitely gonna try picking your brain for ideas when I do.

2015-12-01 by jeb500

This is the kind of bike I’m thinking about, except I might go with a mid drive. I like the general setup as far as wheel size, fenders, frame style and general ruggedness. I’d like to hear about what you wear in the rain in another post. Do you have a place to change clothes at work?

2015-12-05 by Russell Graves

I wear standard bicycle rain gear, or just get wet. I do have a place to change at work, but as I’m not sweaty when I arrive, I could just as easily swap clothes in a bathroom stall if I needed to (and I do this when I bike other places and feel like wearing bike clothes).