My wattemeter arrived! It's crap! G.T.POWER RC 130A Watt Meter and Power Analyzer High Precision LCD 60V GT-Power

Based on a post over at, I ordered a shiny wattmeter/power monitor/etc gizmo for my bike.

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2015-11-20 by Tim

did the seller have an explanation/have they seen this before?

2015-11-20 by Russell Graves

No. They barely spoke enough English to communicate that they would refund my money, please don’t file an eBay return, and please don’t leave feedback. Pretty shady seller, all in all.

2015-11-20 by Mike Halcrow

Once you get the cash in hand, of course leave feedback. This person is going to turn around and sell this defective unit to some other hapless buyer.

2015-11-21 by Russell Graves

They didn’t actually ask for the unit back. I don’t think they wanted to pay return shipping. It’s still in my garage.

2016-07-27 by chris2u

Bought 2 things from an eBay seller on the same order and only one arrived.
Now they want me to send a photo of the packing and the weight of the package.
So better make sure to keep all your old packaging for a few months…
Thank God for the resolution centre !

2017-02-13 by Larry

Russell if you still have the GT130 and do not want it, I would gladly take it if you could mail it? I am laid off right now and have no revenue, but I leave it up to you.
Larry McNamara
6175 Garlandside Road
Cumberland Ontario Canada K4B 1S7

2018-02-19 by Unknown

these reset values at each power cycle, did you stop / power down at any point ? maybe when you went to buy the childs toy.
I believe an Auz battery on the small port overrides the power cycle / value reset issue