New kid, and on birth centers

Some of you may wonder about the lack of a post last Saturday, and if it indicated something like a new kid being delivered.  Wonder no more!

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2018-06-20 by Anonymous


2018-06-21 by Aaron

Dawww! Yay! Congrats! Don’t bother with any posts for a while, although I know your regular readers will be anxiously awaiting your return :slight_smile:

Hmmm…maybe reviews of baby monitors/smart diapers/etc? :wink:

2018-06-21 by Russell Graves

Do I really seem like the type of person who would buy a ton of baby monitors or “smart diapers”? I’m not even sure what the second is, but it sounds like something that wouldn’t be particularly cost effective given that we already have a perfectly serviceable set of cloth diapers. We’ve got a baby monitor we use, audio only, and while I certainly admit curiosity about what, exactly, kids are doing in their bed sometimes, we just poke our nose in and look if it’s particularly not-in-bed sounding.

If someone wants to send me baby monitors or other things to review, I’ll certainly make use of them, but they’re not the sort of thing I’d spend any money on.

2018-06-22 by Aaron

Ha! I was mostly joking.

Alphabet’s Verily has a “smart diaper“ design that distinguishes pee from poo | Ars Technica