Notes on self hosting

Alright, I finally need to get off my rear and move some of my stuff to self hosted.

This is, for lack of a blog right now, something faintly resembling a worklog on the project.

One of the main tricks here is that most of my communications services, including this, rely on my domain DNS to work, so… if something goes haywire, let me know. But I’ve been having some weird issues with DNS lately (and I’m actually planning to migrate off at some point for registration, they’re just too damned expensive and awfully “BUY ALL THE UPSELLS EVERY CLICK” sort of annoying).

So, I’m moving things to Cloudflare DNS, starting with some other domains I can experiment on. doesn’t support exporting (of course), so I get the joy of manually transferring a ton of domain records over. Wheee!

I’ve never had an issue with trying to upsell much. Of course, I just use the basic DNS included, nothing fancy needed for me. More than happy with them as a registrar/basic DNS, although I imagine Cloudflare does DNS great too. And probably offers the distributed/redundant/etc for basically free given their infrastructure setup, I imagine.

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Heh I’ve been using since the early days. Right now my ‘self host’ is just a dyndns to my little linux box.

I’m on for DNS. Have been with them for decades. No issues with them and marketing either, and the service has been very reliable so far.

You don’t get constant “value-adds” like this? Sounds nice… I get this every time I go to change my DNS records.


Speaking of, I’m going to verify my stuff and change DNS, so… ping me externally if everything stops working. :slight_smile:

Stuff changed, should be now on CloudFlare DNS, with proxied by them…

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Nothing like that. There’s a small offer for a locking service but it’s in the same option list and font as any of their extended-value options, and not a click-through promotion, nor have I been bugged about it so far. If I were I’d probably switch.

When I’m managing my DNS entries, it’s been a while, there might be some mention on the top or bottom bar or something of Premium DNS. Maybe. Or maybe it’s just when I login or look to buy a domain.

Anyway, no real force pushing/click-through of any kind of upgrade during regular DNS management for

Well, I’m happy to call the DNS transitions successful, they seem to have worked just fine.

Unfortunately, experimenting with things, the concept of an automatic transition from Blogger to self-hosted blog is just missing a lot of the pieces. I can get a lot of the work done, but if I want to maintain URLs with redirects, self host images, and (importantly) do something sane with image scaling to prevent loading full size images constantly, there’s just a lot of manual work to do. I could copy the pages over easily enough, and keep images on the Google image hosting, but… why? They’ll just break that at some point in the future too, knowing Google these days. So I have to pull down the full size images (not the thumbnails), have them rendered locally and resized… plenty of steps to follow.

However, there exists some sane html to markdown converters that can, more or less, chew on the Blogger output. So I think I’ve got a flow to use.

I still haven’t worked out comments, but if I’m touching each post, I suppose I can copy useful comments into a section at the bottom, and then use Discourse for further discussion. May dark-theme the forum, though, to match.

Has anyone messed with self hosted analytics? I wouldn’t mind some basic analytics of page views/where people are coming from, but I’d rather avoid Google Analytics at this point.

I used to use a simple log parsing tool for analytics - arsed if I can remember the name - analog maybe.

Was good to figure out which pages were popular and where refers were coming from.

Analog CE - C:Amie (not) Com! Seems to be the descendant. Webalizer is another but I don’t know if they work on stuff out of cloudflare.

Yeah, I thought about that… but the Google Cloud Storage logs are fronted by Cloudflare. However, looking into it, Cloudflare has analytics.

They’re included “for free” with the paid plans (starting at $20/mo… which I’d rather not). But, they’ve got a free tier for analytics with a Javascript snippet - that is still, far as I can tell, cookie free. I think.

Of note:

I think I’ll try that out and see how it works.

… well that’s worthless. Doesn’t even show which URLs are getting hits. Apparently a bug they’re “looking into” from about a week ago.

Couldn’t that be turned on in web server config to be logged?

If I pay CloudFlare $20/mo, I’m sure their analytics work properly. The free tier doesn’t seem to.

I don’t have a “webserver” feeding it - I have the cloud storage buckets, feeding Cloudflare, which feeds end users.

Bleh. Decided to add Google Analytics until Cloudflare un-hoses their analytics or I find something better. :confused:

Cloudflare analytics unhosed, removing Google Analytics.

Discourse email not working. End of file errors to my Google smtp-relay. :confused: Need to figure out if it’s DigitalOcean or what…

Emails… fixed, with a hack.

Discourse has been sending email EHLOs with localhost or localhost.localdomain, and Google’s SMTP relay finally said, “No, you’re not going to do that anymore.” It terminates the connection if you do that now, starting… a few days ago, I suppose.

Now to figure out how to get the Discourse devs to fix it.