Notes on the Sunkko 788+ Battery Spot Welder from China

So you’ve got one of these, and know very little about it.  That’s great!  None of us who speak English know very much about them, except perhaps the manufacturer, and they’re not talking much about it.  The manual is an utter joke (if anyone will even send it to you).

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2015-09-15 by Unknown

Hi there, how has this been for you?

I’m looking ti get a 220V version.

2015-09-15 by Russell Graves

It’s been working fine since I replaced the triac that blew up. I wouldn’t push it hard, but for general pack assembly of moderate power packs, it works perfectly.

2015-11-02 by Unknown

Well how has the spot welder been since the repair, thinking about getting one I built my own MOT welder but it does not do consistent welds and I have a few cell blow outs. Thanks

2015-11-06 by Russell Graves

Rock solid. I’m not pushing it too hard and I let it cool during use, but I’ve not had a single problem since I repaired it.