On the perils of buying a belief system: Tesla owner regrets the car now, Because Elon Is Doing Wrong Things!


This is a fascinating read into the mindset of at least some Tesla buyers.

The author appears to be a bit more than a random nobody, though it does seem that she’s got a void filled buy “buying into a brand.”

Poor you. Your expensive new car is now an embarrassment, and, I suppose, now a Bad Car, because of what the person who was involved in marketing it did…

It’s particularly absurd to claim that Tesla “puts customers in control,” given that you literally can’t even get to the onboard diagnostic screens in your car.

And… you’re just figuring all this out now? Huh.

Anyway. Entertaining read on the mentality of those who have consumed the Religion of Progress, hook, line, and sinker, and are getting a reality check. I do genuinely feel sorry for people whose identity is so based on what they buy and the “pre-packaged belief sets” they buy into that this constitutes a crisis…


Sheesh. This is like peak consoom and it’s not even a meme.

I’ll take anyone’s outdated set of beliefs off their hands but I can only pay 1%.


It’s hard to make snarky memes and get traction in groups where the meme is literally the standard way of thinking. Environmental problems are a huge tragedy… but an even huger excuse to consume more! New $100k car? Luxury expense. New $100k electric luxury car with crap build quality? Why, a pure necessity, to Save the Planet, you know! Long as everyone sees you driving around in your status symbol. See “first year Prius” sales (horrid, it looked like an Echo) with “first redesigned year sales” (couldn’t buy one, they were the status symbol to drive).

It’s the same sort of group that longs to jet to climate conferences in their private jets.

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Apparently Tesla dropping prices is also a disaster for Tesla owners…


Seems like folks are conflating value and cost. If it was worth $77k before, it should still be worth $77k to them now - even if its possible to buy it at a lower cost now. …unless the price tag is part of what you’re buying. e.g. as a status symbol :roll_eyes:

and resale value. I still have my 2014 VW TDI, because while I did receive a significant check to keep it, it would be more wasteful to send it to recycling when it still has years of life left in it. I’m hoping for an Aptera, but anything that I can use for V2L or V2H in an emergency (keep the house fridge and internet running) will make me happy. For now I have a “luggable suitcase” 1 kwh battery pack that will do the job for short (12-24h) outages. But I’m in the middle of the silicon valley, so outages are typically 1-2 hours at most.

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