Proclaim MIDI to DMX Converter Programmer and User's Manual

Last week, I covered how to build a little MIDI to DMX converter to use with the Proclaim software for church multimedia.  This week, I’m documenting how to actually use it in production by adding scenes to Proclaim, adding them to slides, and using the system.

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2018-03-05 by sastian

I would really like to try this out as it seems we wouldn’t even need a DMX controller in the middle.

2019-03-06 by David

I’d suggest modifying raw DMX mode so that addressing different MIDI channels would change which DMX channels are addressed by the notes. I’d probably use 64 DMX channels per MIDI channel (add 64 times one less than the MIDI channel to the note number to get DMX channel).

2019-03-06 by Russell Graves

The raw DMX mode is almost never used - I added it so I could have a “Oh, hey, we want to do this really bizarre thing this morning…” capability, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually used it.