Property Progress #2

This week: A random grab bag of stuff I’ve been doing around the property this summer - stuff I’ve dragged, lifting tines I’ve bent, sheds I’ve improved, and sunflowers that have shown up!

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2018-07-23 by Aaron

You actually snapped a ratchet strap? That must have been exciting…

What about the fire-door style hydraulic closer? Something like or although, of course, they aren’t all that cheap.

And do they allow controlled burns? Might be useful for the twigs & small branches and sticks and such left from those wood piles. And help avoid having a nice nesting area for small mammals.

2018-07-24 by Russell Graves

It was a fairly small, cheap ratchet strap… not one of the big ones. I didn’t even notice it until I was working out what had all gone wrong.

I’ve considered those style door closers, and I might do that eventually, but they’re an awful lot of money and I’m not sure they’re worth it. I’ll see how long these work before they annoy me too much.

I could certainly do a burn this fall or winter when things get wet (“deliberate fire” right now is beyond idiotic), but that just leaves a huge mess to clean up. I’ll keep working on the piles. The weather the last few days has been pretty smokey from wildfires somewhere, so I haven’t been doing too much heavy work outside. I’m more interested in building the debris into a hugel (pile of stick/dirt that makes a mound you can use for growing things).