Property Progress #3

It’s time for another Property Progress post - covering most of the stuff I’ve gotten done as we head into winter.  So far, no snow, but the clouds and rain have most definitely hit hard, and are forecast to continue.  The generator is fueled, the tractor is ready to go for the snow, the snowblower is ready, and I’m set to hunker down and ride out the winter with plenty of design work for next year’s projects.

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2018-11-25 by EugeneGTI

Supercharger, gigafactory, Massive solar…/ looking forward to it. Like the term, you should copyright it : ).

2018-11-26 by Aaron

Ha! Love the ratchet straps on the bucket. For me it’s keeping some paracord handy just in case for basic stuff. Please tell me you keep the ratchet strap on the Ural? Let me guess…it’s for helping it get unstuck? :stuck_out_tongue: I know you don’t get stuck much though. 2WD FTW!

2018-11-26 by Russell Graves

Nah, that would be silly. I’ll just document the pants off my install, in my usual overly verbose form.

2018-11-26 by Russell Graves

I don’t think I had the ratchet straps in the Ural - I had to get them from the shed, or somewhere in my truck (I have them all over the place, and for all I know there are some buried at the bottom of the trunk, but I couldn’t find them).

Getting the Ural unstuck is actually fairly straightforward, since it remains upright without me sitting on it. I don’t normally get it stuck except for deep snow drifts, and the process for getting it out is usually, “Put bike in reverse, 2WD, stand next to it, and throttle it out while pulling on the bars.” It mostly works, unless I’m really stuck.

I try not to get it stuck that often, though. It’s hard on the frame and the bottom of the sidecar.

2018-11-28 by Unknown

Mice will chew through foam eventually, but you can really deter them by adding steel wool to it.

2018-11-29 by Russell Graves

Good to know - I’ll try that next time I have to refoam something! I’m hoping that the mice won’t feel the need to chew their way in, but I’ll certainly report on it in the next few years.