Qrp /p dx (+pota/sota dx)

Has anybody here done serious DX work operating QRP /P, especially POTA/SOTA ops?

One of the potential aspects that has intrigued me about amateur radio operation is the portable side of it. Granted, we’re only able to operate /p thanks to some relatively unsustainable technologies, but we can do it, right now, and there’s a lot we could learn about how to do it with more sustainable tech if we practice more. As has been discovered, antennas are by far the most important part of a radio, and much of whatever technology is applied on the transmitting and receiving end is subject to the abilities of the antenna. So the study of good QRP /P is also a study of antenna systems as much as anything else.

I’ve got a tuned multi-band squid pole vertical I’m looking forward to putting in service “soon”, and there’s a lot of random wire voodoo I hope to play around with as well. It might be fun to try to do some slightly-more-scientific-than-usual experimentation with /p antenna design too, maybe bust some myths and discover some new rules of thumb in the process.

With that in mind, then, I’m opening a forum here for discussion of QRP /P ops. Post exploits, accomplishments, ideas, suggestions, questions, tips and tricks, favourite parks or summits, myths you’d like to see busted, and anything else related to the subject.