Rad Power Bikes - Rad Rover

On a beautiful Thursday a few weeks ago, I test rode both of Rad Power’s 2016 models.

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2016-03-26 by Farfromhomeandlost

I’ve been spreading the word about Rad Power bikes since reading your review of the wagon. They really appear to be great bikes at great prices.

Last year I worked for a guide company that rented out mountain bikes. I could easily see them buying a fleet of these…

2016-03-27 by Russell Graves

They’re looking for rental partners. http://www.radpowerbikes.com/pages/rental-fleet-operators

2016-04-16 by Robert Moser

You were so convincing that I got one. :smiley:

I’ve posted my own thoughts here:


And here:


For the curious. :slight_smile:

2016-04-23 by Unknown

I’ve been the proud owner of one now for about a month. I’ve literally quit taking the bus. I will get fenders and a tailight soon. I am having so much fun with this bike, I cannot shut up enough about it. Everywhere I go people compliment me on it.

2016-04-23 by Russell Graves

Great to hear, Bruce! I’d be very interested in what fenders you end up with and how they work - large, wrap around fenders for fat bikes are rather hard to find.

2016-06-05 by Scott

Great informative, objective review, cant wait for mine to arrive, sometime in next 2 weeks.

2016-06-30 by Jordan

How tall are you?

2016-07-01 by Russell Graves

6’0" - it fit just fine!

2016-07-28 by Roger

Russell, you defiantely a fan of Rad Power Bikes. Have you done any research on alternates for batteries for the Rad Rover. I’m crazy about the Rad Rover and have 500 miles in the last couple of months. I’m 72 and have total knee replacement. I live in hilly Vermont so limited in the miles I can ride (16-18 daily). They are often “out of stock” for accessories and an additional battery would really help me explore more before our harsh winter sets in… THANKS for you info!

2016-07-29 by Russell Graves

Roger -

You should be able to use any of the compatible battery cases. I know they exist, but as I don’t actually own these bikes, I don’t have any I can recommend. The bike doesn’t do anything exotic with the battery - it just supplies volts & amps.

2016-08-15 by Unknown

What’s the alternative if the RR can’t perform without power. I’m looking for an ebike I can peddle more than coast with epower?

2016-10-31 by Unknown

I’m thinking about the Radrover after my knee replacement and the many hills we have in Laguna Niguel, as I have ridden somewhere near 65-66 years.
I appreciate your reviews/comments on this bike. Keep up the good work.

2016-11-11 by Unknown

I’ve had my radrover for 6 weeks. I’m closing in on 100 miles. No problems at all so far and I find I pedal a lot more than I thought I would so I’m getting exercise too. But I must say it’s fun to throttle it up on a long straight away. :slight_smile:

2016-12-27 by Dave Pickens

I have logged 150 miles on mine since Thanksgiving and I flat love it. I got in over my head going down a 60 degree hill that was a series of concrete steps…I stayed in the throttle and revisited a period in time where I would do that on my motocross Kawaski and the results were the same as I laughed to myself saying I am not going to crash this on the second day! I still have not crashed yet, those fat tires really do preform outstandingly well! It’s particularly fun at 67 years old to buz past spandex clad yuppies in my tee shirt and shorts grey hair blowing in the wind! Live to ride;ride to live! With no assist it gives you a very demanding workout and that power can then carry your tired muscles and bones home!

2017-03-24 by Unknown

Just bought the radrover 2 weeks ago. Not only is it great but I have so many people wanting one that I forgot to give them my name so as to get a $ 50 credit for accessories from the company for doing so. Who knows how many have bought one through me. Wish a longer commute battery was available for it. My white radrover gets lots of women asking and I’m 69 years old! Customer service is personal and by name bases both ways. I live in Ventura Ca. George

2017-03-31 by Jordan

I’m thinking of upgrading to hydraulic brakes because I need to constantly tighten and adjust the stock ones
I’ve got over 850 miles on mine…already replaced the pads and chain.

2017-03-31 by Jordan

Also I upgraded the front sprocket and it’s a lot better overall.

2017-05-19 by dude mcginty

850 miles for a chain seems quite the short life span for any bike, but especially for a hub motor bike. How good are you with drivetrain maintenance? Dirt and grime will hasten a chain’s life tremendously. Poor chain hygiene equates to a short life span for your freewheel/hub, which is a huge PITA to remove on these RadRovers. Not judging, just trying to be helpful.

2017-06-27 by Unknown

Got mine last week. So far I really like it. I am anxious to get it out on the trails. How serious do you feel the they are about not running the motor continuously above 500 watts? It was in the owners manual. It is easy to exceed 500 watts going up a small hill.

2017-06-27 by Russell Graves

Not owning one, I don’t have a strong opinion, but I think the 500W wording is related to the legal limits in some states.

Going up a hill, that’s not really continuous unless you are climbing a whole mountain. The thermal mass of the motor covers a lot of ground.

I wouldn’t worry about it. Ride it, and if you’re climbing a serious hill, check the motor occasionally with your hand. If it’s too hot to touch, you might want to back off a bit. Otherwise? It’s fine. The controller is separate from the motor, so the motor is just some coils and hall sensors.

2017-08-13 by Jordan

I upgraded mine with 2.5" Maxxis hookworm tires. Much less drag and energy usage, better for the street. Also a Suntour suspension post.

2017-09-04 by RoboNovo

I picked up my Radrover from Seattle on August 4th, 2017. Today is Sept 4th and I have already put 475 miles on it! I have never had so much enjoyment from any purchase I have made. I literally have that Ebike grin on my face evry single time I ride. I regularly travel 32+ miles and have never run out of battery. I usually don’t use pedal assist on the flats as I want the workout. Going up hills is where this bike really shines. I blast by riders on regular bikes using pedal assist going up hills. I do pedal very hard to help out the motor and extend battery life, but I have so much fun doing it I forget how much excercise I am getting. I where a GPS heart monitor watch that tracks my heart rate and I am in fat burning mode (or better) over 90% of my rides every time. I have gone from 238lbs to 228lbs in just one month! I simply cannot recommend RAD Power Bikes highly enough. You will not regret your decision, however you will get the upgrade bug and probably want to build another bike. Its kind of an addiction. But a GOOD one!!! One last thing Rad has wrap around fenders available for $160. Not cheap but they look like they would work well when the rain comes. As I live just south of Seattle I will be needing fenders soon. Oh and people ALWAYS compliment me on my bike. It makes you feel good. Going riding now.

2017-11-03 by starman

Mine was a peice of junk… broke multible time within the first 200 miles and now they have voided the warrenty due to moisture which is BS as it wasn’t very wet ever just that the thing can’t take any water and it wreaks it now i am the owner of $1500 peice of junk

2017-12-11 by Unknown

You have a very entertaining (and informative) writing style Russell! I found it helpful. BTW, I will include your name when I buy one :0)

2018-01-14 by Unknown

Why did you swap the sprocket and what did you change it to?

2018-03-28 by Unknown

Thanks for the review. As you have some pictures of the open controller, you might be aware of the voltage rating of those capacitors?

2018-03-28 by Russell Graves

I don’t know the voltage rating of the caps. I know there’s a bit of headroom in the voltage ratings, but not exactly how much one could get away with.

2018-06-17 by Unknown

Will it be suitable for a 6"5 tall person?

2018-06-17 by Russell Graves

Should be! I’m 6’0" and had no trouble at all. If you’re really leggy you might need to put a different seat post on it, but I’d expect it would be fine for most people.

2018-06-19 by Unknown

how good is this bike in the sand under hi load ?

2018-08-07 by Unknown

Tweak I made was changing the battery to 52v 17.5Ah (shark type). Have run it under quite heavy loads, no problem. Even more fun! And range is crazy!

2019-04-15 by Unknown

What other type of batteries can you use i seen this and wondered if it would work?