Rural Ruin: Old Cabins and Ruins of Civilization

For your viewing enjoyment this week: Ultra-Rural Ruin.  This is an old cabin, easily over 100 years old, that is slowly being reclaimed by nature.  The right side used to be a room as of several years ago, but has collapsed since then.  The rest is very much showing signs of age, the roof is not quite intact anymore, and, well, you can see the rest.

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2018-03-26 by Jay Dub

Who owns something like this?

2018-03-27 by RonF

I was a Geology student in a summer field trip in 1967 when we worked for six weeks all over the west. We spent a couple of weeks in the White Knobs Mts of Idaho, above the nearest town of Mackay, at about 8800 feet elevation. We set up camp around an old miner’s cabin, cleaned out, but without a roof. It originally had a gable roof so we threw tarps over the top. Our camp stoves inside. Kept food in the trucks, this was grizzley country. (My field partner and I spooked a mama and two cubs to run away. We are lucky to be alive.) I was the early riser, the guy to fire up the Coleman stoves and get coffee going.

There were two adits going into a rock wall with vertical shafts going down. With the appropriate boards and structure over the shafts, these became our latrines, one for the men, and the other for the women, with curtins over the entrance for privacy. We dumped lime powder down the shafts when we left at the end of the summer.

We had good times there, playing volleyball in our field boots, and with an ice cold stream to keep our beer cold. Ah, memories.

2018-03-27 by Russell Graves

Without knowing more details about the property, it’s like considered BLM (Bureau of Land Management) property at this point. Presumably it was once titled, and that may still exist in the family, but I don’t have any specific information on this cabin.

2018-03-27 by Russell Graves

That sounds like an awesome time in a different era!

I wouldn’t want to spend much time in this particular cabin, though empirically the main area is holding up just fine. But there’s a ton of debris on the floor and it would require quite a bit of work to camp in. I’d expect the miner’s cabin was perhaps in better shape.

2018-03-28 by RonF

Russ, can you still find miner’s claims out in the wilderness? In 1967 we found a few when tramping across the countryside, inside Prince Albert tobacco cans, of course.

2018-03-28 by Russell Graves

Possibly, but I’ve not run across any personally.