SDR - Software Defined Radio

This is a roll-up thread to discuss SDR in general. If you want to create a specific conversation about SDR equipment or techniques, please start a specific thread with "SDR - " as the title.

I’m quite interested in micro-SDR setups - that is to say, SDR that doesn’t rely on a PC to operate, but might have its features expanded by attachment to one, or might be dynamically or flexibly reprogrammable from time to time. But in any case it should have some utility operating fully standalone as well. QRP SDR transceivers particularly interest me.

One thing I am looking for is accessible (e.g. technical enough to build/design one, but still readable enough that it doesn’t take a theoretical mathematics background to understand it) literature on the design and construction of the analogue RF front-end and ADC/DAC components of an SDR, and classic design patterns for the DSP as well. If anybody has any solid links to things on these topics, I would welcome them.

Since most radios these days are basically SDR under the hood anyway, a discussion on what SDR can and cannot do would also be welcome - analogue roofing filters are still (apparently) quite valuable even with top-notch SDR discrimination for CW and SSB use, and that makes me wonder why, for instance.

And feel free to toss out links and comments on SDR kits, software, tools, and other resources that you find interesting! I was just introduced to this little QRP SDR transceiver which runs on an Arduino! uSDX TriBand SDR All Mode QRP Transceiver - Ankara Telsiz ve Radyo Amatörleri Kulübü Derneği